The Final Thoughts on a Successful Semester

After switching my major to Communication Studies, I knew that I wanted to take courses that would challenge and require me to be more creative. I knew that I wanted to take courses that would allow me to expand on and strengthen my communication skills; technologically, visually and interpersonally. Media Production I permitted me to do all the above.

The course has helped further my communication skills by enabling me to create messages that can be understood in a variety of different ways. Rather than communicating my thoughts verbally I am able to translate them in a technical manner. Through this I can compile them together and use different programs, such as Final Cut Pro and Garageband to create a completely new project from a few images or videos. The incredible thing is that there are multiple softwares that provide the perfect tools to assist one in bringing their vision to life. Technologically, I have strengthened my communication skills by making connections and networking with people through different platforms, such as Soundcloud, Youtube and Twitter. Through this I have reached different audiences. I have also improved by creating my own website and posting my work for the world to see.

There are many ways to tell a story without having to verbally speak. One way is to do it visually and still communicate my desired message through the images and videos I capture. For instance, in my ‘A Day in the Life’ project, I took a multitude of actions shots and then placed them in a specific order by doing this I was able to tell a story of what life is like for a football player. The course has fortified my communication skills visually by providing me with an outlet to bring my vision to reality without any restrictions. The course lets me implement my artistic nature visually into everything that I do, and I love the sense of freedom that comes along with it.

When it comes to media production, interpersonal skills are extremely important. In many instances I had to step out of my comfort zone which is something I seldom do, however, I learned a lot through the process. For example, I had to ask people for interviews, photos or video of them, something I would have never done. Interpersonally, I have become more patient when approaching someone, but through this I was also able to develop my communication skills. I became an active listener by listening to individuals audio and adjusting it. I learned to be more responsible, motivated and patient when it comes to producing any project, and lastly to provide myself with plenty of time to finish. Interpersonally, I navigated through different approaches but they have all taught me to work effectively and efficiently.

Throughout my Media Production course I was able to develop skills that I once thought were impossible to achieve. I was given the incredible opportunity to conduct interviews, work on my communication skills, learn new programs, produce videos and create my own website to showcase all my work. Looking back many of the projects were time-consuming, but through it all I learned a great deal of information. I strengthened my communication skills; technologically, visually and interpersonally in one semester. If I can learn and grow this much in a short amount of time, I am thrilled to see what my future holds.